Best Rugs For High Traffic Area 2019

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2019)

Not every rug is durable for high traffic area. Most of them are soft, fragile and prone to get stained. But, worry not there are certain types of rugs which are very strong and durable. Those rugs are made of wool and they are very suitable if you are looking for best rug for high traffic area.

In this article we have listed best rugs which can be used in area which have plenty of movement. They are made of strong fibers so, they will not get given in easily. Now, without any further delays lets check them out.

Best Rugs For High Traffic Area (Comparison)

Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A (Editor's Choice)56 lbsCheck Price
Feraghan/New City Traditional Isfahan Wool Persian Area Rug32.1 lbsCheck Price
WaySoft Eco-Friendly Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug17.3 lbsCheck Price


Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A – (Editor’s Choice)

If you are looking to get a luxurious and durable rug which fits perfectly for high traffic area, then a Safavieh SGH280A can be used for you.Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH280A Best Rugs For High Traffic Area The mat features excellent patterns that will make any room look excellent. The mat is thick and soft, and you should enjoy the smoothness. The rug provides the best interweave, and it’s constructed from quality materials hence durable. You will like how it’s easy to clean the carpeting. The carpet costs cheaply and you should love the transformed look of your home.

Great QualityNone That We Could Find


One of the best rug for high traffic area. It has excellent quality yet soft material and feels good and beautiful in your home. The built is very durable. Guess what? Many people claimed that they even clean it with bleach and it did not lose its beauty or get destroyed in any way. It is the only rug out there which has more than 1700 reviews and not a single one is less than 5 stars. That’s how excellent this rug is.



Feraghan/New City Traditional Isfahan Wool Persian Area Rug

If you are looking for any stylish wool rug constructed from Turkey, next the Wool Persian Area Rug will be your best option.Feraghan/New City Traditional Isfahan Wool Persian Area Rug Best Rugs For High Traffic Area This rug is well-knit, and you should love the way it works for you. It is easy to clean, and you will probably be glad about how exactly it makes your property look excellent. It is staining resistant, and you will probably be glad on how it can make your house to seem beautiful. This model is reasonable and readily available for you personally.

DurableSizing Not correct
Outstanding Value


This Turkish made wool rug is also best for high traffic area as it is very durable along with apple to the eye. Despite being durable and beautiful it is not expensive like other rugs so, it truly offers outstanding value to its customers. On downside, the mentioned sizes are not very accurate like some people complained that the 4×6 is exactly 4×5 so, double check the sizing before purchasing.



WaySoft Eco-Friendly Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug

If you want a comfortable wool rug for one’s house with good traffic needs, this can be the best.WaySoft Eco-Friendly Genuine New Zealand Sheepskin Rug Best Rugs For High Traffic Area This model is constructed out of genuine wool, and you should experience the quality below your feet. The rug assists you for many years due to its quality. It’s an easy task to clean and is going to be less stressful. The rug makes your home to look lively and exquisite. The great thing about the rug is it’s sanitized, and you’ll never experience germs and also other ailments.

FluffySizing Issue
Looks Beautiful
Pure Wool


Very fluffy made from pure wool, free of germs and durable all these things makes it one of the best rug for high traffic area. On downside, it has similar sizing issue like Feraghan/New City Traditional Isfahan.



Why Wool Rugs Are Best For High Traffic Area?

Wool rugs are the types of rugs which are used for millennia, and there is a good reason that this type of flooring has been used by people that know and get quality products. To start with, wool is among the most durable sorts of fibers that there’s on the planet. Wool will repel water and hold dye. It has many unique properties which make it very popular and highly preferred.

The idea that it is very dense is a superb thing, and it is what makes wool rugs very easy to clean. If you were to have a rug that’s made from wool and also to put it onto a sandy surface, it could fill with sand. Pile it on and shake off the rug. If you shake it, you can find quickly which a good majority of the sand will begin to come off plus the rug will be needing very little cleaning. Due to the fact wool rugs in many cases are much heavier than their modern rivals, they are going to suit wooden floors greater, while they tend to not slide around all the.


Wool rugs are actually used throughout history to get a very long time because, simply, these are the best. Persian rug makers are already making rugs outside of wool simply because they began simply because knew how amazing the wool was for rug making. There once was wool rugs about the floors of nomadic tents not only simply because were one of the most comfortable forms of flooring to obtain, but also simply because they were probably the most durable. People who lived in nomadic tents did not have the time or luxury so that you can constantly replace items. They needed to get furniture and things that were able to withstand the rigors of the lifestyle, plus they found that exact thing with rugs that were created from wool. This type of rug was able to not just last to get a long time, generations, in truth, but had also been able to be easily cleaned at the same time. Another good reason that these people opted to utilize wool rugs was simply because actually absorbed humidity. This means that the rooms they were in is usually much cooler and much more comfortable.

What’s great about modern rug manufacturers is simply because can make rugs from the large number of materials, mixing wool to manmade fibers making for some extraordinary designs. They’re also capable of making wool rugs look however that you want these to look, from traditional to contemporary and my way through between, meaning that you can now obtain a rug which is made from wool in a number of patterns and colors which will suit everyone’s taste. Rugs that besides last for the long time, but additionally look wonderful.



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